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Little Lolita

Posted on July 14 2012


Related article: Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 20:37:46 -0700 (PDT)From: Matt Wess Subject: Double E: Part 7 At about 5:30 that evening, Carrie and Little Lolita I were heading towards themorgue. She had called in advance to tell her mother that we were goingto drop in. Despite the fact that her mother was the Chief MedicalExaminer, I had a feeling she wouldn't openly discuss Georgina's murderwith us. Yet, this little fact didn't seem to worry Carrie. "Leave itto me," was her solution."There is one thing that has been bothering me though, Elijah," sheadmitted, then Little Lolita instructed me to turn left. "So let's say we find out whodid it. Then what? We knock on his door, unarmed, and yell 'we know youkilled Georgina!'""I've been thinking about that, too. Listen, I don't usuallyinvite people to meet my family, but there is one member of my family whomight help us." I checked the dashboard clock. "After our cheery tripto the morgue, would you like to join my family for dinner?"Carrie beamed. "I'd love to! Turn right here, by the way."I found the stark reality of the morgue a shock to the nervoussystem - the unforgiving white light on the dead, the sheets hiding thattheir insides were Little Lolita completely out. The empty faces. The harsh scent ofantiseptics.One of Carrie's mother's assistants, a smart cookie named LisaYing, was closing a drawer on a gunshot victim when we arrived. Ug-ly.Carrie's mother was washing up. "Give me half a minute," she said."Take the full minute, mom," Carrie replied.She poked around the place until she found several Georgina photostacked to Little Lolita the wall. Slyly, she slipped the photos into her shoulder bag."So what brings you to my humble office, honey," Carrie's mothercalled out. She turned off the faucets, dried her hands, then faced us.I noticed how much Carrie looked like her: shoulder-length red hair, anddeep green eyes.Carrie casually turned from the wall, tucking the photos furtherinto her bag. "I was just going to introduce you to my friend, Elijah,here. Mom - Elijah. Elijah - mom."Carrie's mother showed her pearly teeth. "Terrific to meet you,"she said, extending her hand."And also, I came to let you know that I will be eating at hishouse tonight, if that's okay.""Of course, of course! I have to work late anyhoo, a car accidentvictim that needs looking at. I'll just let your father know that he ison his own for dinner. Lucky I bought those frozen pizzas..." her voicedrifted off. There was an unsettled silence were Carrie and her motherwere both smiling in a spacey manner. Maybe what made it so unsettlingwas the fact that we were standing over a dead person covered in a sheet,and we were smiling.Minutes later, Carrie and I were walking back out in the dull,autumn sun. "That was smooth," I muttered. "You don't think she'llnotice the pictures are gone.""No, didn't you hear her? She's basically already moved onto hernext-dead patient. We'll look at these photos later. Let's go eat somedinner!""Now no matter what you hear or see tonight, you have to promise you wantuse it against me," I said, cutting the engine, staring up at my house."Oh, Elijah, come off it!""No, I'm serious. My family is nuts. My grandmother still thinksher friends and cat are still alive."Carrie shrugged. "And my mom cuts dead people for a living, what'syour point?"I guess I didn't have one.My mother was at the open screen door. "Elijah," she called."What are you doing sitting out there in your car? You're late fordinner." She paused at the sight of Carrie. "Who's your little friend?""Mom, this is Carrie Fisher. She's joining us, I hope you don'tmind.""Not at all! Not at all!"Carrie was full of peppiness, something I kind of liked about her."Hello Mrs. Temime! Elijah has told me a lot of good stuff about you!""Oh and she's charming, too!" my mother smiled.My grandmother stood two feet back from my mother. "Carrie Fisher,huh?" she said, eyeballing the visitor. "You looked quite good in thecome-hither, slave uniform for the movie. In fact, after I saw the movieI was inspired to buy a similar one and wear it for Elijah'sgrandfather..."My mother suddenly cut Little Lolita across her, blushing. "Uh - Elijah, you andCarrie can sit at the end of the table." Carrie was having troublestifling a laugh. I just rolled my eyes.We wandered into the kitchen. "Hello, Eliot," said Carrie to hisback. Eliot obviously recognized her voice. He jumped, startled, andturned, his eyes narrowed. "You look surprised to see me," shecommented.Eliot said nothing. He knew we were up to something. I felt hiseyes boring a hole through the side of my head. At all cost I avoidedmaking eye contact.Once we were all seated around the table, my family beganinterrogating Carrie. Questions were shot at her with rapidity. Like,"where do you plan to go to college when you graduate?" "who's your rolemodel?" and "have you been in any other movies besides Star Wars?"Carrie answered all the questions, laughing at the Star Wars one."And have you ever seen a gun like this beauty?" my grandmotherfinally said. "Isn't it lovely?"My mother almost keeled over. "Where did you get that!""It's Paul's" my grandmother said, twirling the gun around. Alleyes were on my grandfather, ex-cop, who was hunched over his dinnerplate."Well, my god," my mother shouted, "put it away! Someone take thegun from her before she kills herself!"The cylinder was open and clearly empty of rounds. I didn't knowmuch about guns, but I knew this one couldn't go bang without bullets. Ihave to admit it was a pretty cool gun. It had a stainless frame andcarved Little Lolita wood grips. It was a Smith and Wesson 5-shot revolver, model 60.A .38 special. Easy to use, easy to carry."It's empty," I said. "There are no bullets in it.""I don't like guns at the table," my mother said. "And thedinner's getting cold. I'll have to reheat the gravy."The conversation slowly drifted away from the gun. Pretty soonCarrie was talking about different stories she wrote in the newspaper,wooing my mother at least.No one had been paying attention to my grandmother. She was stillplaying with the gun, aiming and sighting, getting used to the heft ofit. I realized there was a box of ammo beside her plate. A scarythought skittered into my mind. "Grandma, you didn't load the gun, didyou?""Well of course I loaded the gun" she said. "And I left the onehole empty like I saw on television. That way you can't shoot nothing bymistake." She cocked the gun to demonstrate the safety of her action.There was a loud bang, a flash erupted from the barrel, and the turkeycarcass jumped on its plate."Sweet Jesus!" my mother shrieked, leaping to her feet, knockingher chair over."Dang," Grandma said, "guess I left the wrong hole empty." Sheleaned forward to examine her handiwork. "Not bad for my first time witha gun. I shot that sucker right in the gumpy."My father had a white-knuckle grip on his fork, and his face wascranberry red. My grandfather was hooting uncontrollably, and Carrie wassnorting, torn between whether or not she should laugh or feel sorry forthe now broken plate. And I actually thought I caught Little Lolita a flicker of asmile cross Eliot's face.After dinner, Carrie and I were hidden from the rest of the family in myroom under the eaves. Sitting cross legged on my bed, Carrie said, "So,what, is your grandmother the one that's going to help us?" Her eyeswatched me as I hurriedly tried to tidy a few things up, attempting tomake my bedroom look presentable.I shook my head. "No, actually, I plan to ask my grandfather," Isaid, shutting my sock drawer with my hip and scooping down to pick amess of dirty clothes. "He's an ex-cop. Just as senile as mygrandmother and that was his gun at dinner. He probably has handcuffs,too..."Carrie saw where this conversation was heading. "Elijah, you can'tbe thinking about carrying around a gun! You'll get thrown out ofschool!""I wouldn't take it to school. Just on our trips to investigate."She bit her bottom lip. "Do you even know how to use a gun?""I Little Lolita can learn," I said simply, shrugging. "There's a shooting rangein town.""Also, you need a license. Carrying a concealed weapon isseriously frowned upon. I was thinking we could just carry around somekind of defense spray. You know, spray the bastard, get him down on theground and cuff him.""We'll use the gun as intimidation," I suggested, sitting downopposite her on my bed. "The only way this is going to work though, isif we have a recorded statement from the killer that he or she murderedGeorgina. Otherwise the cops won't bust the killer if we bring theperson in, they'll bust us."Carrie reached into her hand bag and pulled out the photos she tookfrom the morgue. She spread them out on my bed spread. The moment I sawthe photos I almost lost dinner. Carrie was looking a bit sickly aswell.She swallowed over a lump in her throat. "Okay, let's take alook."It wasn't pretty. Death rarely was a peaceful, religiousexperience to my mind. It was the nasty end, indifferent to saint andsinner. But this was shocking, like a stage deliberately set to offend.Georgina was beautiful still, a cameo face with a tumblingwaterfall of blonde hair, blue eyes that stared glassily at the ceiling,long, milk white limbs.They weren't artistically arranged now, but spread lewdly so thatthe dead woman formed a final X dead center of the floor.There was a hole in her forehead. Blood had splattered on thepolished floor, pooled, dripped, and stained.There were splashes of it on the lacquered wall."I can tell you right off the bat that Eliot did not do this,"Carrie said, trying to overcome the gruesome photos. She met my eyes."In fact what I see in these photos is probably the reason why the policehaven't arrested him."I felt like I was missing something. "What do you see?"Her finger nail traced Georgina's X. "Look how her body ispositioned. Perfectly done. If you ask me, only a skilled killer wouldhave shot her then took the time to position her. An amateur would haveshot the victim and ran, assuming Eliot is an amateur." She paused. "Doyou have a magnifying glass?"I scrambled off of my bed, fished through my desk and handed her amagnifying glass. I watched over her shoulder, Little Lolita smelling the sweet scentof perfume trickling from her, as Carrie held it up to one of thephotos. To the right of Georgina's head was a large end table. Carriewas focusing on the side of the end table, something that was carved intoit.A miniscule version of an eagle, wings spread wide out.Just the way Georgina had been positioned."The killer's trademark," I muttered.Carrie looked up at me. "Something isn't adding up. They saidGeorgina was killed somewhere between midnight and six am. How a Little Lolita killercould wander into a house, kill a girl; take the time to not onlyposition her, but carve an image into wood without waking anyone else upin the family is beyond me.""So you're saying the parents helped in her death?""Not necessarily - but I also wouldn't buy the story that they werejust innocent parents who found their daughter dead one morning." Shechecked her cell phone clock. "I better get going. We'll talk moretomorrow. I'm glad to have met your family. You can try to get that gunand handcuffs, but I'll stick with mace."We walked out to my car, and on our way down the porch steps, Eliotwas heading up the driveway. He was jogging, white iPod cords danglingfrom his ears, shirt off, hard chest glistening with sweat. Calvin Kleinwaistband barely visible above the waistband of his gym shorts.Once we were in the car, I could tell Carrie was watching Eliot'sbare back enter the house. "If you don't mind me saying so, the only wayEliot could kill is with his looks."On the outside, I just rolled my eyes to the high heavens andstarted Little Lolita the car. But on the inside, I could still see Eliot's chest andbecame increasingly warm and stiff. At that moment I vowed I had to haveEliot.So the questions remained: Is he innocent? And is he straight?I decided I would use his teacher as a starting point tomorrow.Somehow I felt there was more to the story than just sexual urges betweena teacher and her student.Deep in thought, I slowed down for a red light, enjoying thecompany of Carrie and laughing about dinner. I turned to look out thedriver's window and gasped at the sight of Rocky Katz standing at thewindow."Been looking for your car to come strolling up this street again,"he said. I then realized that we were right by the gym. "Bet you'resurprised at how quiet I move. Didn't even hear me come up on you, didyou? That's how it's always gonna be. You're never gonna hear me until Ipounce. And then it's gonna be too late."I took a slow breath to quiet my heart. My hand slowly slid overthe locks of the door. I was relieved to find that they were stilllocked. Rocky had his hands pressed against the closed window. He hadspotted Carrie."Who's your girly friend?" He licked his lips. "Hey baby," saidRocky, making gross kissing noises.I stared at the red light, gripping the steering wheel, trying todecide if I should just run the light. It wasn't a busy intersection.At one point my heart Little Lolita had slowed down enough to say something back toRocky, but now it was pumping at full speed.I guess I was waiting for a sign to motivate me to floor it. Rockytrying to open the car was that sign. Carrie yelped as he pulled at thehandle with teasing anger. With his muscles I wouldn't be surprised ifhe managed to rip the whole door off.I floored it. The little P.T. Cruiser jumped to life and soaredthrough the red light. A horn blared, tires screeched, and an on comingcar came to a sudden halt. Carrie was cursing under her breath. She satup in her seat and looked in the rearview mirror. Rocky was standing inthe middle of the road, laughing."So," Carrie said nervously. "You think your grandfather couldgive you that gun?"I was just as nervous as she was. "Y-y-yeah. W-with some practiceI'll be fine." I gave her a hesitant smile.She did not return it.
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